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Beat Ya!

BeatYa! is a game for two teams, including thousands of questions divided into 6 types.ελληνικά  

Before starting a game, players can choose:

  • the type of questions (Questions of knowledge, Sketch in Snow, Humming Challenge, Charades, Memedia Challenge, Beat Ya!)
  • the number of rounds that will be played(5, 10, or 15)
  • the language of the questions
  • the decades (this selection is available for the Beat YA!, Memedia Challenge and Humming Challenge types which feature music, cinema and TV related questions)

The game is available in 6 languages:

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Greek.


After selecting the settings, press


Team names can be changed or left as the default ones (Team 1 and Team 2)

Game rules


5000 questions related to geography, history, art and culture, science, entertainment, sports and general knowledge.


A player from the rival team reads out the question category, presses on GO and reads out the question. The members of the competing team have to find the right answer before time runs out.

Sketch in Snow

More than a thousand words the player must draw for his teammates to guess.


The team picks out one its members. This player reads out the question category. Then reads the word without letting his teammates know and presses on GO. On the next screen, the player will have to draw the word and the teammates will have to guess it. Attention: As the players draws on, the initial parts of the drawing will start fading out! The team will have to hurry and guess before the whole drawing fades out and time runs out.

Humming Challenge

The well-known song recognition game:

The team members pick out one of their players. This player will have to choose one of the six songs that will appear on screen. Then, the player must “sing” using the same syllable (e.g. la la la, doo doo doo), without using any of the original lyrics. They can whistle, hum or even howl (!) the song melody as long as they don’t use any lyrics. The teammates must find the song title before time runs out.


More than a thousand selections from films, books, serials and popular sayings.


The team members pick out one of their players. This player has to read out the question category and the given decade. After pressing on GO, the player has to describe the title to their teammates using only gestures without the use of sounds. Pointing out at or using objects is not allowed. Using their finger they can indicate the number of words and the word order. In this game the teams can agree on how to indicate articles. The team wins the round if they guess the correct answer before time runs out.


This game includes photos, gifs, and audio extracts from films, serials and commercials. Players are asked to find the film or serial title, the actor/actress, a character’s name or the name of the advertised product.


A player has to read out the question and press on GO. An image / gif will appear or an audio extract will start. The team has to find the answer before time runs out.

Beat Ya!

An extra surprise round for both teams!

In the BeatYA game, all players from both teams are participating. When you press GO, a music extract will start. The first player who recognizes it, says BEAT YA! and gives the answer. WARNING: If the answer is wrong, the rival team wins the round (you must press the corresponding button). It goes without saying that if no answer is given, it’s a tie.